About theProduct

So, what is theProduct, I hear you ask?

Quite simply we are a Sunshine Coast based company who believe that work life balance is something we all should be doing not just thinking about.

What can theProduct do for you?

This is a great question.  theProduct is a company that specialises in key areas of business and lifestyle to ensure that work / life balance is achieved.

Our areas of expertise are Business Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching, Website Development and SEO, SEM Management, Website Hosting, Counselling Kinesiology and Performance Kinesiology to ensure that not only do you achieve a work / life balance but have a successful business so you can enjoy the time you have.

How do all these areas work together?

The easiest way to answer this is to offer up a scenario for you:

Bob Jones is a business owner / manager.  He works 85 hours a week and he is exhausted, and not making the money he believes he is capable of for the type of work he does and the hours he is committing to his business.

He is stuck in a rut – he lives his whole life thinking about work or at work. His wife is sick of his absence and his kids can’t remember the last time he took a weekend off to spend time with them.

His life is slowly spiralling out of control.  He knows that if he doesn’t do something soon, his wife will get tired of his never being around, she will leave, his business will fold and he still won’t have time to spend with his kids.

This is where theProduct comes in.

Bob feels his priority is to get his work / life balance back under control. He makes an executive decision – he calls the team at theProduct

Our highly trained Business Coach at Coaching theProduct sits down with Bob and works out how to prioritise a plan for Bob’s work and personal life.

The first thing Bob needs is to get his head around why he continues to do the things he does.

theProduct’s Business Coach then refers Bob to have a Kinesiology session with our Performance Kinesiologist  at Empowering theProduct to work through the blockades that prevent him from finding that balance.

Bob is then able to sit down with theProduct’s Business Coach again and strategise.  First things first, let’s get the money rolling in and cut back the hours. Our highly trained Business Coach knows that systems and marketing are key to helping any business succeed and grow, and we can give you the resources to make this happen.

Bob also realises that  he simply isn’t getting quality leads.  He has always worked off referrals, which have been great, but they are the same quality of client.  They want the best job done, but don’t really want to pay for it (sound familiar?).

This is where Marketing theProduct‘s experts come into the scene.  Bob realises not only does he need a great looking website to establish brand confidence, but he also needs one that will bring in quality leads and be generating business while he sleeps – something he desperately needs.  He gets his website built and Hosting theProduct make sure that his website is hosted on a secure cloud hosting platform and if he has any questions at all about his website performance or hosting issues, he only has to call theProduct’s specialised team for assistance.

To ensure that Bob’s office is running smoothly, Supporting theProduct is able to build, configure, and maintain an efficient IT Network to suit his computing needs using the global market leading technology providers.

Now that his new website is now complete and his business is running efficiently, Marketing theProduct will help Bob design a consistent multi-platform marketing campaign – from powerful Search Engine Optimisation and cost effective Pay-Per Click Marketing to assisting with Print and other ‘off-line’ brand awareness and lead generation techniques.

In the background Bob continues to have regular coaching and kinesiology sessions and streamlines his business well on its way to becoming a well-oiled lead generation and cash flow positive profitable machine.

With Bob knowing he has access to ongoing support and assistance from theProduct’s Coaching, Empowering, Hosting, Marketing, & Supporting teams, he now sleeps better – with more money in the bank, more clients on the books, and more hours with the family.

 … that is theProduct.

For more information or to discover what we can do for you and your business, contact us today on (07) 5370 2400 or message us online.