Kerrilee Burkhardt

Kerrilee Burkhardt is a woman of many talents, with a particular interest in health, fitness and the stability of emotions and the positive effect that has on the human body - nothing pleases her more than helping people get the most out of life.

But her skill set doesn’t stop there. She is also a talented writer, children’s book author (find it here), finance whiz and champion tea drinker.

She is particularly skilled in Business Management, Accounting and Administration.

Kerrilee is the head of Empowering theProduct, where she focuses on assisting people as they strive towards their goals, both personal and professional. She also works closely alongside Adam Ithiel and John Burkhardt in other facets of theProduct.

Kerrilee is an avid reader, writer and fitness fanatic. She is a competitive cross-country runner, health food advocate and friend to puppies, great and small.


  • Buteyko Breathing Technique.
  • Personal Life Coaching.
  • FACE Communication Facilitator.
  • MetaFit BodyWeight Coach.
  • Neuroscience for Practical Application within a clinic environment.
  • Kerrilee holds a current Blue Card (working with children) & First Aid Certificate.

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